Fabric To Dye For

Finally…I found a whole weekend to dye fabrics…totally almost uninterrupted!  And while I’ve been “playing” with fabric dyes for quite a while now, I never really got the results I truly loved…UNTIL NOW!  I wanted a rainbow of almost solid colors…and that’s exactly what I got.  When I finished pressing my first set of fabrics, I thought to myself, “Wow, I would be ecstatic if I had purchased these! I can’t believe I made them! And they’re mine….all mine…muhahahahaha!”

Many thanks to Frieda Anderson and her lovely book “Fabric To Dye For.”  I was able to get the most beautiful results yet!  Spending one or even 2 weekends following her recipes, you can add a tremendous amount of fabric to your quilting stash.  Beautiful rainbows of colors, shades and tints that will make all of your quilting friends green with envy!  I recommend grabbing some fabric, dyes and your best friend and spend the day creating your own!  You won’t be sorry!

Fabric To Dye For

Hand Dyed Fabric

Above is a peek at a small sampling of this weekend’s goodness!

There are a few more photos on our Flickr page.

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